Turkey Hunting in Alabama at Westervelt Lodge

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It's you and your guide pitted against America's most challenging game bird, the Eastern wild turkey. Is he coming in? Should we move on him? Is he ever going to gobble again? Has he made us? Is he in range? How'd he disappear?

If you're looking for the best in Eastern wild turkey hunting, you'll find it at Westervelt Lodge in Alabama.

Our 10,000 contiguous acres of Tombigbee River bottom and mixed pine/hardwood stands are managed exclusively for wild turkey and white-tailed deer. Our intensively managed upland areas and miles of roadside management zones provide excellent nesting and brood habitat that keeps our turkey numbers on the rise year after year.

We provide our turkey hunters with plenty of room to do their thing. Depending on group size, each guest has anywhere from 800 to 1000 acres to themselves. This ensures each guest has plenty of room to set their sights on a gobbling bird. Westervelt turkey hunts are all one-on-one and fully guided by our staff of veteran turkey hunters. Our guides are experts at providing the services required to help make the beginning turkey hunter successful. They are also happy to serve as a human compass and topographic map for more experienced guests who prefer to go head to head with one of our longbeards.

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Springtime at Westervelt is a time for blossoming dogwoods and gobbling wild turkeys. Arrive at the lodge for lunch, then it's off to the pattern boards to test guns and ammunition. A draw determines which of the prime green fields - where gobblers come strutting to impress the hens feeding on clover, small grain and insects - will be yours for the afternoon still hunt.

The next morning before dawn, a personal guide will join you about 5 a.m. for a light breakfast and the draw for your assigned private hunting area. Around 9: 30, everyone gathers back at the lodge to relive the morning's hunt during a hearty plantation-style breakfast.

The bag limit is one gobbler per day, and we hunt a maximum of 10 hunters per day.

Our wild turkey hunting package includes the noon meal on the day you arrive, a self-guided afternoon hunt on a green field, dinner, lodging, breakfast and a morning hunt with one of our experienced wild turkey guides. There is a two-hunting day minimum. Non-guided hunts are also available.

A picture is worth 1000 words - maybe more in the face of the electronic era. That's why we like to share photographs of deer, turkey, and other game taken at Westervelt Lodge. Because consistently high - mostly trophy - quality is our goal. And these images support this goal better than a paragraph of descriptive text. Click here to see, and to share.

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