Whitetail Deer Hunting in Alabama at Westervelt Lodge

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Smoothly. Capably. Thoroughly.

That's how deer hunting is done at Westervelt Lodge in Alabama.

Our unique combination of prime habitat, ideal population level, and modern wildlife management techniques ensure a natural free-range deer herd unexcelled in quality. Located near Aliceville, Alabama, the 10,000 contiguous acre property is renowned as one of the finest whitetail deer hunting properties in the Southeast.

Wildlife management is a year-round program at Westervelt Lodge. From planting and managing foodplots to routine upgrades and updates of the property, the staff of trained wildlife biologists is focused on developing optimal conditions for a trophy-quality white-tailed natural free-range deer herd.

Depending on observed deer activity, acorn abundance, or stage of the rut, our guests hunt from either sturdy metal ladder stands positioned in hardwood bottoms or travel corridors, tripods and elevated blinds overlooking hub & spoke lanes or shooting houses on one of our many permanent game foodplots. Guests may bring their own climbing stands if they wish.

Education is important to Westervelt Lodge and, as a result, programs and schools are offered throughout the year. Learn the proper way to hunt and manage wildlife from enthusiastic, experienced professionals.

Buck Harvest Policy

At Westervelt Lodge in Alabama, gun hunters are asked to harvest only mature bucks, which means a 3 1/2 + old buck with 8 or more points, and an inside spread of 16 or more inches. Any additional buck harvested must be larger than the first.

Either Sex Policy

Our guests are welcome and encouraged to help manage our antlerless deer and are permitted to harvest one doe per day if they wish.

Booking/Arrival Procedure

  • The booking procedure for Westervelt revolves around a two-day minimum stay (two afternoons, two mornings, over parts of three days).
  • Deer hunting packaging includes all meals and lodging, dressing and chilling of deer.
  • Each hunter enjoys the convenience and privacy of an individual room.
  • Licenses are extra, and are available at the lodge.
  • A 50% deposit per hunter is required for confirmation of dates.
  • Hunt days are limited on a "Hunt & Rest" basis during the season. Restricting the total number of days allocated to hunts and providing rest periods ensures an optimum hunting experience throughout the season.
  • Plan arrival at the lodge at 12 noon; lunch is at 12:30 p.m. Sight-in rifles at our range after lunch, and enjoy the first hunt mid-afternoon until dark in a comfortable blind on one of our prime green fields.
  • The second day, hunt your exclusive stalk area predawn until 11 a.m., then take a leisurely lunch/nap break; it's now time to draw for another choice afternoon field.
  • Checkout time is 11 a.m. the third day, following the morning stalk hunt.

A picture is worth 1000 words - maybe more in the face of the electronic era. That's why we like to share photographs of deer, turkey, and other game taken at Westervelt Lodge. Because consistently high - mostly trophy - quality is our goal. And these images support this goal better than a paragraph of descriptive text. Click here to see, and to share.

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